Competitions for the best master’s theses

Writing a good master’s thesis is quite a challenge. You should devote a lot of time and commitment to it. It requires a number of skills, such as the ability to draw conclusions, correct quoting or knowledge of the principles of bibliography.

Undoubtedly, it is a testimony to the maturity of a writing workshop and the author’s knowledge of a specific field of science. However, the profits do not have to end there. Nothing prevents your master’s thesis from becoming a source of additional benefits for the author.

A number of institutions organize competitions for the best master’s thesis. These are government ministries, offices, local government units, universities, companies and other bodies. In each case, the subject matter of the works considered must be related to the profile of the activity performed by the given institution.

The competition calls set specific requirements for the interested parties. Ready-made works take part in them, which have been defended in the time frame specified by the advertiser. The conditions for the type of university and the completed course are given. If the author of the work meets all the conditions, he only has to send his work.

Cash prizes are provided for the authors of the best works. The amounts usually oscillate within several thousand zlotys. Sometimes the winner of the competition may receive several thousand zlotys.

Newly graduated students are faced with the possibility of obtaining serious financial resources. In addition, it is a good opportunity to present your scientific achievements in a wide range of recipients. Regardless of the results, participation in the competition gives the possibility of further career development in a given field, as well as establishing cooperation with the competition organizer.


Alesis Singh

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