What is the defense of work at various universities?

Defense of the diploma thesis is a prerequisite for obtaining a degree. It is the culmination of the effort put in completing individual levels of study. The rules of carrying out the defense vary depending on the university where it is held.

In order to be able to join the defense, it is necessary to meet a number of requirements. Usually, this involves completing the curriculum, accepting the final version of the work by the promoter and submitting it in a specific form and number of copies in the dean’s office, settling fees and submitting signed photos for the diploma in appropriate dimensions. In the case of bachelor and master studies, the internship should be completed. A description of all necessary formalities should be included in the program of individual studies.

The work is defended

The work is defended during the diploma exam. The course of the exam may vary depending on the university, as well as within their departments. It depends to a large extent on the customary rules and specifics of the university. The composition of the examination committee consists of at least three people: the chairman, the promoter and the reviewer. First, the defending person presents his work for a dozen or so minutes, usually he can use various forms of presentation. It describes the purpose of the creation, research methods, conclusions and describes the course of work. Then comes the questions of the examination committee. Depending on the adopted rules, their number and thematic range may vary. They can address issues directly related to the work being defended and the attachment bibliography contained therein, as well as refer to knowledge acquired during the entire course of study. Often the list of general issues for the exam is available in the dean’s office, which is a great convenience for the student.

In the course of undergraduate and graduate studies, the defense usually takes place behind closed doors. Pursuant to the Student Rights Charter, each student has the right to demand that it takes place openly, with the participation of invited guests. He also has the right to access reviews of his work.

There is a widespread opinion that the defense of the diploma thesis is one of the most stressful, and at the same time the most pleasant exams. Usually it runs in a nice atmosphere, more like a substantive discussion than random student questioning. Regardless of the experience gathered during the exams from the entire course of study, you can join it without any major concerns.


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